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I am a Chef living in Toronto. I have always loved cooking and creating new recipes that I see people enjoy. But over the years I found myself gaining weight, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and suffering from insomnia. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, diabetes type 2 and high cholesterol, my health kept going downhill.


I realized I needed to make a drastic change in my lifestyle. Being a Chef I already had a strong knowledge about food but I decided I needed to dig deeper. I learned about superfoods and longevity herbs and their amazing health benefits. These nutrient-rich foods, in combination with the ketogenic diet, helped me lose over 80 lbs. (and counting).


Now, not only do I look great, but I feel fantastic and youthful, which to me is more important. I was told by healthcare professionals that I cannot cure myself from being diabetic but that I can only manage it. Well, now I am no longer diabetic and my cholesterol numbers are great. My nerves are calm, I sleep well, and I'm back to being my positive self (plus some). I did it and so can YOU!!!











Sandra - Benin, Nigeria

'I wasn’t going to do keto diet but after hearing Pablo testimonies I started keto and I have lost 30 pounds in just few week . It’s takes a lot of discipline. Keto is bae , say no to carb , keto is a lifestyle no more pains I feel brand new.' - posted in The Low-Carb Chef Health Group

Jodie - Calgary, Alberta

'Pablo, Our one and only Low-Carb Chef knocks it out of the park every single time he posts these delicious and Keto-Nutritional balanced meals! His skill at mastering the macros and making eating well in keto are perfected with extraordinarily tasty and appetizing combinations that comfort the palette and soul.'  - posted in The Low-Carb Chef Health Group 

Zarifah - Singapore

'Few people are my Motivators and my true Inspiration in my new health journey recently for some months now..

I have also dipped myself into many Keto groups just to explore myself and then I steal their recipes 👻👻👻. No, I am not on High Fats at all... I am not Keto-ing yet, maybe one day not sure yet....

So much love for them. They are so generous..they let me steal them with Joy 😍😍😍

The first one I will mention today who is faraway but close to my Heart... lured me into Low Carb. Although my meals are not near to any of his wonderful recipes..

And yes, I cheated few times to have my fav meals like chicken rice or laksa .. the list goes on and on but I told myself hey ive been eatg all the Delicious Food.. not as if I need to enjoy them all my life... Time for me to eat those lesser and eat Healthily

* I have a Target and Mission for Jan19*

Thank you Pablo Munoz' - posted in The Low-Carb Chef Health Group

Carol - Norfolk, United Kingdom

Hi Pablo, wanted to really thank you for helping me in my low-carb quest , you listen to my conditions, and inmobilty, sent suggestions, and I love to see you new items you've cooked all look amazing. It's still trial and error for me, due to insulin taking to things with low carb, but I have been in the hospital and was weighed in and Feb when I was weighed I was 98kl's . Last week I was 84kl's. And my over all blood tests were down. So that's an amazing thing. I am following your suggestions, and trying new and very good food. I love it. I have to say peppers and chilles my body hates, taste great but I avoid spices. So a big learning curve, but so worth it. Xxxxx Carol in UK Norfolk. PS some foods I can't get over here which is a shame. But hay the cooked receipies looked fantastic.  - posted on Pablo Munoz Facebook page