Our Story...

The Low-Carb Chef was founded in the spring of 2018 by husband and wife, Pablo and Nancy Munoz.

After many years of living an unhealthy obese lifestyle we developed many health issues, and our health kept continuing to go downhill. In the summer of 2017, we were new parents to our son, and after Pablo was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, we decided to take action and begin the keto diet. Pablo was able to reverse the diabetes, and both of our overall health drastically improved. Collectively, we have lost 130 pounds. We were able to overcome issues like high cholesterol, fatty liver, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and obesity. Life was brighter and that’s when we decided that keto wasn’t simply a diet to lose weight, it’s a lifestyle that improves our quality of life. Most importantly we are committed to being here for our son, so we can be the parents he deserves.

Pablo has been a chef for 15 years and with this new lifestyle, he wanted to help others by making keto and low carb eating convenient, accessible, and delicious. After committing as a couple to the keto lifestyle, we decided to start this company together, and Pablo became The Low-Carb Chef. The product line he created are made with quality ingredients, including super foods for added nutritional value. The products are frozen and ready to bake in the comfort of your home. The first product that started it all was the Grass Fed Beef Patty, which is a cross of an empanada and Jamaican beef patty.

One thing is for sure, we haven’t looked back!!!
















Sandra - Benin, Nigeria

'I wasn’t going to do keto diet but after hearing Pablo testimonies I started keto and I have lost 30 pounds in just few week . It’s takes a lot of discipline. Keto is bae , say no to carb , keto is a lifestyle no more pains I feel brand new.' - posted in The Low-Carb Chef Health Group

Jodie - Calgary, Alberta

'Pablo, Our one and only Low-Carb Chef knocks it out of the park every single time he posts these delicious and Keto-Nutritional balanced meals! His skill at mastering the macros and making eating well in keto are perfected with extraordinarily tasty and appetizing combinations that comfort the palette and soul.'  - posted in The Low-Carb Chef Health Group 

Zarifah - Singapore

'Few people are my Motivators and my true Inspiration in my new health journey recently for some months now..

I have also dipped myself into many Keto groups just to explore myself and then I steal their recipes 👻👻👻. No, I am not on High Fats at all... I am not Keto-ing yet, maybe one day not sure yet....

So much love for them. They are so generous..they let me steal them with Joy 😍😍😍

The first one I will mention today who is faraway but close to my Heart... lured me into Low Carb. Although my meals are not near to any of his wonderful recipes..

And yes, I cheated few times to have my fav meals like chicken rice or laksa .. the list goes on and on but I told myself hey ive been eatg all the Delicious Food.. not as if I need to enjoy them all my life... Time for me to eat those lesser and eat Healthily

* I have a Target and Mission for Jan19*

Thank you Pablo Munoz' - posted in The Low-Carb Chef Health Group

Carol - Norfolk, United Kingdom

Hi Pablo, wanted to really thank you for helping me in my low-carb quest , you listen to my conditions, and inmobilty, sent suggestions, and I love to see you new items you've cooked all look amazing. It's still trial and error for me, due to insulin taking to things with low carb, but I have been in the hospital and was weighed in and Feb when I was weighed I was 98kl's . Last week I was 84kl's. And my over all blood tests were down. So that's an amazing thing. I am following your suggestions, and trying new and very good food. I love it. I have to say peppers and chilles my body hates, taste great but I avoid spices. So a big learning curve, but so worth it. Xxxxx Carol in UK Norfolk. PS some foods I can't get over here which is a shame. But hay the cooked receipies looked fantastic.  - posted on Pablo Munoz Facebook page